The HEART symposium is an international forum on state-of-the-art research in high-performance and power-efficient computing using accelerator technologies such as FPGAs, GPGPUs, and/or specialized accelerators. The tenth edition of HEART will take place in Nagasaki, JP on June 6-7, 2019.

Important dates (all 23:59 A.O.E.):


The scope of the meeting includes, but is not limited to:
  • Architectures and Systems
    • Novel systems/platforms for efficient acceleration based on FPGA, GPU, and other devices
    • Heterogeneous processor architectures and systems for scalable, high-performance, high-reliability, and/or low-power computation
    • Reconfigurable and configurable hardware and systems including IP-cores, embedded systems, SoCs, and cluster/grid/cloud computing systems for scalable, high-performance and/or low-power processing
    • Custom computing system for domain-specific applications such as Big-data, multimedia, bioinformatics, cryptography, and more
    • Novel architectures and device technologies that can be applied to efficient acceleration, including many-core/NoC architectures, 3D-stacking technologies and optical devices
  • Software and Applications
    • Novel applications of high-performance computing and Big-data processing with efficientacceleration and custom computing
    • System software, compilers and programming languages for efficient accelerationsystems / platforms, including many-core processors, GPUs, FPGAs and otherreconfigurable /custom processors
    • Run-time techniques for acceleration, including Just-in-Time compilation and dynamicpartial-reconfiguration
    • Performance evaluation and analysis for efficient acceleration
    • High-level synthesis and design methodologies for heterogeneous, reconfigurable and/orcustom processors/systems

FPGA Design Competition 2019

Following the FPGA design competition in FPT'18, we will have another "Autonomous Vehicle Driving Competition using FPGA" at HEART2019. To get more information, please visit: HEART 2019 Design Competition.
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